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Receive Elixir w/ Lepidolite, Pearl, Mica, and Herkimer Diamond to open and connect the Heart and Sacral Chakras

What is it that you would like to receive in your life?
$ 12.00 USD

What is it that you would like to receive in your life? For a lot of us, it is way easier to give than it is to receive. This blend of gemstones is here to help you open your heart to let the love pour in. Mica connects us to the loving abundance within, while Pearl allows us to accept and receive. Lepidolite connects us deeply to our Soul's highest vibration. Herkimer Diamond harmonizes and intensifies the receiving qualities of the other stones. Every time you take your elixir, connect back to what it is that you'd like to receive. And so it is. The attached video shows the vibration of the Receive Elixir - it has wide and more narrow circular swings, showing its ability to bring in whatever it is that you desire.

Handmade by Virtual Soul Journey.
Our goal is to make quality Gem Elixirs and DIY Ritual Kits that help to transform your life.
Premium Quality

All elixirs are made with Noble Elite Shungite Water, and charged on Gold Leaf to give maximum high vibrations to the elixirs.

Ritual Kits for Empowerment

These intuitively curated DIY Healing Soul Kits help you to move through tough emotional moments easier.

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