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Clarity Elixir w/ Clear Topaz, Clear Fluorite, Phenakite, Amethyst

Cupiditate velit molestiae ipsam fuga esse praesentium quod. In ratione
$ 12.00 USD

We all have moments in our lives that we just don't know what to do. Where we even lose sleep over the right choice. This usually happens when we can't see all of what each option contains. In the blend Clarity, clear topaz leads the way, sweeping the dust out of the corners of your 3rd Eye Chakra to allow your intuition to become more illuminated. Clear fluorite helps cleanse this area, even more, removing the pieces that have prevented your intuition to fully shine. Phenakite allows for deeper integration into the 3rd Eye Chakra, and amethyst acts as a harmonizer, connecting the Heart and Sacral Chakras with the 3rd eye chakra. The vibration of this elixir moves in a star pattern, with straight lines in every plane. Seeing clear in all directions.

Handmade by Virtual Soul Journey.
Our goal is to make quality Gem Elixirs and DIY Ritual Kits that help to transform your life.
Premium Quality

All elixirs are made with Noble Elite Shungite Water, and charged on Gold Leaf to give maximum high vibrations to the elixirs.

Ritual Kits for Empowerment

These intuitively curated DIY Healing Soul Kits help you to move through tough emotional moments easier.

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